Our history


“KhunsComplex LLC” is one of the leading private owned brands in sausage and meat production on Mongolian market and has been in 29 years of continuous operation since 1992. Our daily production capacity is 5 tons of sausage, meat product and smoked ham. Not only we keep our production line in order, we also introduce newer technological updates annually. Our factory employs more than 130 people, makes more than 80 type of meat product in standardized clean environment with safety precaution. In addition, we started a supply and import oriented branch company called “KailasLLC” since 2004. Through this line we supply other Mongolian manufacturers with sausage casings, spice and other raw materials from Poland, Russia and KhunsComplexLLC. We mainly export to Russia, China, Korea and Japanese market. 


Our motto

Produced for your preference : )

Our mission 


We aim to produce healthy, qualified products with professional skills, advanced techniques and technologies to meet the needs of our consumers


Our vision & goal


to become leading brand complex in the industry that meets international standards


Our value

  • Quality 
  • Customer satisfaction 
  • Professional team
  • Ethics
  • Advanced technology 
  • Safely precaution